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Home based business ideas are everywhere, but when you research them online, you will find a lot of them are geared towards women. Direct sales companies are all geared towards stay at home moms. What if you’re a man who wants to start a home based business? What are your options? 

Be an Insurance Agent

Assuming you are not a man who wants to sell stuff your own teddy bears at the next mom luncheon, you may want to consider being an independent insurance agent. You can easily run an insurance business out of your home. You do have to be licensed and while all states are different, it’s usually only a couple of weeks of class to learn what you need to know. You can either be a property and casualty insurance agent or you could get a license in health and life insurance. Once you are licensed, a little networking with other professionals and you will be well on your way to a successful home based business. 

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Physical Hard Labor

Maybe you are a more hands on kind of guy though. Have you ever thought about starting a carpet cleaning business or even landscaping? While the actual physical work would have to be done outside the home, you can still conduct the business end primarily from your house. More than likely, you will need some equipment to get started. Since this can get costly, you could look into business loans or grants to help you in the beginning. A lot of men enjoy having this type of home based business, because it also gets them out of the house.   

Freelancing Work

If you are looking for a home based business with a low start up cost. You could try freelance writing. All you need to get started is a computer and Internet access. There are many types of writing you can do. Businesses will pay freelance writers for writing anything from press releases to annual reports. There’s also a lot of work available for those looking to write keyword articles for web content. 

Real Estate Business

Another home based business option could be real estate. There are numerous things you can do in the real estate field and they can all be done from your home. You could be a real estate investor. There are numerous books written for people looking to get into real estate investing. You could become a licensed real estate agent. As a real estate agent you have the option to work for a real estate agency outside the home, but you can also work for yourself out of your home. It may take time to build clientele and find good leads, but both of these types of businesses can be home based. 

While it may seem like a lot of home based businesses are geared towards women, there are numerous options that aren’t geared towards either sex. There are more home based businesses for men than you may think. If you put your mind to it almost any business can be based out of your home.

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