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It’s the secret to finding every kind of freedom you’ve ever dared to wish for.

  • Freedom to be genuinely happy
  • Freedom to be the successful you
  • Freedom to give and receive honest love
  • Freedom to experience enduring joy
  • Freedom to be financially free

You may need to do just one simple thing.

Mindset Matters in Business Ebook


Discover the mindset matters in business. 


And When

It’s easy once you do know …

and potentially catastrophic if you’re relying on dumb luck. But how will you know?


  • Breaking the cycle of unhappiness is simple… not easy, but simple.
  • The advantages of being a woman and how to turn the disadvantages into strengths.
  • Find out why stress is detrimental to women specifically and how to reduce it.
  • Understand what men want… and how knowing this can bring success, joy, love, and financial freedom.
  • Understand your own ‘phases’ and how to get more out of yourself without working harder.

Find out what’s holding you back


Do you sometimes feel that what you want from life is always just out of your reach?In reality, this is likely to be just some unconscious blocks that are causing you to sabotage yourself.

For women we already have many blocks from epigenetics like:

  •  I’m not good enough
  • I don’t deserve
  • Regret
  • Low self-esteem
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Yelling at your kids
  • Fear
  • Anger and much much more

For me I would be successful in business… but only to a certain point … then I felt stuck… unable to move forward. I was living a nightmare. I felt like I was just one step away from real success, but unable to take that step.

The first step is to identify what’s preventing you from having a great life, relationships, business success, wealth and even being a great mum… Creatrix® certainly helped me to move forward… and it can work for you too.




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Book a one hour Blockage Identifier call with me today and I can identify those limiting sub-conscious beliefs… and start the process of reversing their effect on your life.

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Become one of the

most valuable people

in any room…

FOR MEN and women

Positive Internal Language

There are words that will allow you to soar…and words that will sink you like a stone. Find out what those words are and remove those words from your internal vocabulary.

So to start, watch your words – what are you saying? Is it mainly positive, negative or drama….

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to it than just words, but if you start and do this one thing, you’ll be (happier/more successful). Then… once you have this in place, there are things you can do to take you to a whole new level.

The observation effects

It’s common knowledge that if someone is watching you make an effort, the effort you make will be amplified. It’s one of the major reasons people get better physical results when they use a personal trainer. They hold you to account without even yelling at you. That’s one of the things I do for you. No yelling, just you are being accountable to yourself … because someone is watching.

There are a number of studies showing performance difference when observed or unobserved. And if the observer is also an expert that can guide and encourage… well, the results improve exponentially.

So… find yourself an observer/motivator/personal auditor/mentor … just like you would find an accountant to make sure you get things done and make the most from your effort.

Making an effort alone isn’t enough. You have to make the right effort, at the right time, doing the things that get you the most gain.

Give yourself

power, joy, freedom and wisdom.

Build your hunger for growth and learning.


I’ve tasted success, but in 2011 to 2012 I hit a personal (and business) flat spot. I took a big hit on a property development joint venture. I was struggling financially and emotionally, causing relationship problems, stress and anxiety.  I received the GIN United™ Your Wish is Your Command (YWYC) from a friend and started listening to the program and simply couldn’t  not stop. Everything that I needed and felt was missing was right there. Almost immediately, things started happening. Financial problems were disappearing. I was feeling awesome and in control again. I had my passion back for business. A new focus was lifting me and amazing new opportunities where blowing my mind. Business ventures are now fun and exciting and very, very rewarding… and my relationship too.

Have you ever had those challenges in your life? 

Personal relationships – arguing over kids, money and business, yelling at the kids

Business challenging – your business is not scaling up?

Personal challenges – stressed, anxious and lack of motivation

Well that was me and now I am more relaxed, my business is growing, happier, have a better relationship with my partner and children and more….


You can BE, DO and HAVE anything you want.



If you know there’s more to you and your looking for the most powerful and successful Worldwide Networking Group in the world, then the GIN United™ the answer.

Seriously, you can’t get this much information from the most successful people around world than you can from GIN United™ – Who do you listen to – The people who are actually making money, have done it before, have the experience and are completely Happy in their lives.

This Series will give you clear guidelines as you why you should be in GIN United™ and how you can change your life – Business, Personal, Health, Relationships, Wealth & Abundance.


Your Wish Is Your Command Now here


Clarissa Leary

From living in a public housing area and experiencing life shattering trauma, to owning multiple businesses a number of investment properties and a rural retreat, Clarissa Leary’s story has inspired women to pick up the pieces and make simple changes that alter their life’s course.

She disliked school and life became an endless cycle of disappointment and hopelessness… interrupted fortunately… by the birth on her first child. A reason to reach for something more. Change came in the form of property investment and training with some of the world’s most Influential Entrepreneurs.

She is known for her personal drive and her willingness to pass on her secrets to help others rapidly increase business success, create fulfilling personal relationships and live a life of genuine, sustainable freedom.

Discover The Real You And Your Potential!

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The Real You And Your Potential!

Live Longer and HealthierBE DO HAVE

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Clarissa Leary

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