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Not that kind of gin silly. 

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Discover the Your wish is your command

FOR MEN and women

Build your hunger for growth and learning.

I’ve tasted success, but in 2011 to 2012 I hit a personal (and business) flat spot. I took a big hit on a property development joint venture. I was struggling financially and emotionally, causing relationship problems, stress and anxiety.  I received the Your Wish is Your Command (YWYC) from a friend and started listening to the program and simply couldn’t  not stop. Everything that I needed and felt was missing was right there. Almost immediately, things started happening. Financial problems were disappearing. I was feeling awesome and in control again. I had my passion back for business. A new focus was lifting me and amazing new opportunities where blowing my mind. Business ventures are now fun and exciting and very, very rewarding… and my relationship too.

  • Have you ever had those challenges in your life?
  • Personal relationships – arguing over kids, money and business, yelling at the kids
  • Business challenging – your business is not scaling up?
  • Personal challenges – stressed, anxious and lack of motivation

Well that was me and now I am more relaxed, my business is growing, happier, have a better relationship with my partner and children and more….

If you have any of the above and want financial freedom, security, business opportunities, feeling happier and healthier, then I want to show you the unique GIN program.

* This group is for the those who are committed and motivated to being successful.

To join our group you must be referred to by an existing member. If you are interested in how this works and if this is suitable for you, please go to the book a call with Clarissa and have a chat about this unique club.

You can BE, DO and HAVE anything you want.

If you want change in your life, you have to take ACTION.

GIN is the most powerful and successful Worldwide Networking Group in the world.  Seriously, you can’t get this much information from any other network group.

Who do you listen to?

People who have been where you are and are where you want to be?

They have the life experiences and know how to teach you the processes…

This Series will give you clear guidelines as to why you should be in GIN United™ and how you can change your life – Business, Personal, Health, Relationships, Wealth & Abundance –





  • Major Events(Experience energy and community at major events while learning from the best and having fun)
  • Member only special Meetings(Essential live training by our GIN faculty and Sanctioned speakers)
  • Monthly Publication – GIN REPORT( Our monthly interactive publication with photos, videos, articles and recognition)
  • Online Community(Stay in touch with GIN members in between member events)
  • Success Mastery Class(The core GIN training on how to have, be and do anything and everything you want in life)
  • Development Series(Enhance your education with our weekly educational audio series)
  • Member Webinars(Enhance your education with our weekly educational audio series)
  • Past events media library(Relive the experience and feel the passion of our past live events)

* You must have a referral from an existing member to join.



A lot of self-help books are written by people who have only made money by selling their books. It’s just theory. It’s not real life experience. GIN United™ authors have lived it… and they’re willing to share their tools for moving forward.Below are a list of some of the books recommended. Buy individual book through Amazon – simply click on the book to purchase, OR Join the GIN Club and buy bulk from the club store.These are just a few of the recommended books that Kevin suggests you read as they provide real information to help you create your life dreams.


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Get your FREE Your Wish is Your Command Series

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Contact Clarissa to find out more about GIN membership

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