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I received a text message on Wednesday on the 12th of September 2018. It says I have entered a competition and to call a lovely man named Mick. He asked if I had a passport and if was I free this weekend. I said, YES! I cannot believe that it would turn out to be a memorable achievement in my life.

During the call, Mick explained that I had filled up at Shell Kyneton Victoria (Kuppers Mineral Springs Fuel Stop) and entered a competition.

I remember this day clearly, this memorable achievement of mine. I was at a course and when I saw the competition, I grabbed the form and went back to the car to read it, I said to myself I’m going to win this and all the way back the resort I kept saying “I am going to win this, this is mine”

The late notice was because the original winner called that morning and said they couldn’t attend so they redrew and lucky me won.
Mick said can you fly out Thursday 13th and I said yes I reckon, can you give me one hour or so and i’ll organise everything. We organised everything that night and flights where confirmed early Thursday morning.

WHAT DID I WIN from Shell Premium 98:

  • A trip to Singapore for 2 people to experience the Scuderia Ferrari motorsport, definitely a memorable achievement of mine!
  • 3 Day entry to the Ferrari paddock club and merchandise
  • Accommodation
  • Flights and Spending money

I organised our children to be looked after and packed ready to go on the plane on Thursday 13th at 12:40pm. Arriving in Singapore late Thursday night.

Explaining our trip probably doesn’t do it justice to how amazing it really was but I’ll try…..

Different vintage sports cars line up on the track

Friday 14th Off to the Grand Prix

  • Picked up tickets to the paddock club and Scuderia Ferrari room.
  • Where you are spoilt with drinks and great food and you are above the Ferrari garage and clear views of the start line.
  • When you leave you receive gifts from Ferrari.
  • There were lots of bands playing around the racetrack.

BWT Racing Point F1 Team on the track with their race car in Scuderia Ferrari 2019

Saturday 15th

  • Back and excited, today we met Josh who showed us behind the scene of the Ferrari set up – So amazing, we also went down onto the track side to see the team and vehicles.
  • Great food, drinks and concerts. We watched the racing from the Ferrari room, track side and roof top!
  • More gifts when we were leaving – Lucky Lucky

Sunday 16th

  • Last Day and the BIG RACE down on trackside we watched the team practice tyre changes and getting ready for the race. The team is so organised.
  • The ladies and staff where exceptional in the Ferrari Room, thank you very much to everyone.

Hamilton won the race with Ferrari coming 3rd
We met some awesome people over the few days and the race and experiences are unforgettable. Thus, making this experience a memorable achievement for me.

The winners of the Ferrari Scuderia 2019 held at Singapore with Lewis Hamilton taking the first spot

Does personal development really work? Short Answer: YES
I created this experience back in July from being at a course. How does “working on me” create this….

“There a whole new realm of opportunities, you just have to take action.”
Clarissa Leary – www.clarissaleary.com

Clarissa Leary with Team Ferrari in the background

That’s my experience and I’m very grateful and thankful to Viva Energy.  I had an awesome time! Unforgettable!!!  We would certainly take the opportunity up again.

Incredible Hulk scale figure at Singapore on Scuderia Ferrari 2019

Pug Paper Mache model at Singapore on Scuderia Ferrari 2019