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Do you hold grudges? Or, maybe struggling in creating a healthy success mindset for yourself?

Did you blame everyone for everything that happens to you?

Do you expect everyone to fix your problems?

Are you angry at people?

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, said, “People can be smart or have skills that are directly applicable, but if they don’t believe in it, then they are not going to work hard.”  

Therefore, they won’t succeed. Their attitude is more like the above – holding grudges, blaming others, and staying stuck.

Alternatively, successful people set themselves apart by their attitude and mindset that brings many opportunities. And they make things happen. They have intense positive minds that are larger than life. Thus, our mind is so powerful that we become what we think about most of the time.

There are several factors that you can do to have a healthy success mindset.

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Factors for A Healthy Mindset in Leading A Success Life

Who do you listen to – like-minded, successful people

Jim Rohn, a renowned businessman and personal development guru said that you are most likely to spend on average of the top five people you spend the most time with, and that means everyone in your life counts.  So select your friends and associates carefully.

There are several things that are going on here.

If you wanted to buy a house, would you speak to someone who has rented all their life or someone who has purchased homes before?

You would talk to the person who has the experience, who has the knowledge and skills to give you the correct information.  You want to listen to people who are where you want to be and have been where you are now because of their experience. These people have a passion. They are successful.

Secondly, look at your closest friends. Are they successful? Are they inspiring you?  It’s one of the most important factors to look at. This doesn’t mean you have to remove everyone from your group of friends. But you may need to adjust some things and seek out more like-minded positive people to make you accountable and inspire you.

You will hinder your success if you choose to surround yourself with limited thinking and negative mindset people. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people – passionate, committed, and motivated will inspire you to move forward and work hard.  They will inspire you, make you accountable, get you out of your radar and help you THINK BIG.

Be open to criticism.

You don’t know what you don’t know.  You live within your radar, and until you understand this and take steps to learn more, ask more and experience more. Typically, this limits your opportunities and success.  We have our perspectives that can limit our thinking if we are teachable and open to criticism and learning.  We open ourselves up to unlimited opportunities.

Kevin Trudeau talks about the ability to be teachable. It is important when you want to have a healthy successful mindset. The wealthy are always in the constant pursuit of learning, taking the initiative to learn new skills via reading books, audios, networking, mentors, experiences and events.  They grow and develop both their personal and professional life.

A healthy success mindset means learning from failures.

Do you cringe at the thought of making mistakes? However, if you don’t make mistakes, you’re not out of your comfort zone, which means you are not growing. Successful people love to learn from their failures. They don’t even call them failures. These people use words like challenges, situations or circumstances, and words that are more about learning.

They analyze what has happened and ask themselves questions like:

How could I have done that differently?

What can I learn from this experience?

What other options where available?

Whom could I have sought advice?

What’s the one positive thing from this experience?

Lessons help us learn what we don’t want and get us closer to what we do want. When you are pushing the boundaries and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and doing whatever it takes to realise your visions and dreams, then you will have negative experiences, how you react to this is how much you will grow and how quickly you will bounce back and move forward to success.

Being grateful and giving recognition.

Successful people with a healthy success mindset know how to be thankful every day and look for the gold nugget in every situation and event. They understand the power of recognition to others and themselves.  These people know the power of the laws of success, why being grateful is powerful, having the discipline to be positive in their thinking.  They understand the power of acknowledging the recognition and how this inspires and motivates and accepting success in others.

Practice delayed gratification.

The mega-successful understand the power of delayed gratification and stick to their long term investing goals.  People are in it for the higher rewards. But they don’t take those quick rewards when there are long term opportunities available.  They focus on a single project at a time and only one project at a time.  People with a healthy success mindset are obsessive in their thinking and sticking to their goals.  Patience and taking the emotion out of the equation tells you a lot about that person’s will power and discipline.

Remove emotion from the equation.

Wealthy people plan their strategies and understand how money can work for them. They look for passive income strategies and business ventures that fit in with their plans. These individuals have a logical relationship with money. Wealthy people do not let money control them. They take the emotion out of their business dealings.

They understand that money helps them achieve their goals and the feeling behind having the money. These people know what they are going to spend it on.  Moreover, they do not follow what other people do or get easily affected by immediate threats. Instead, they go back to their plan and maintain a forward-looking perspective and make decisions from their long term goals.

Embracing A Healthier Success Mindset

Think big, have big dreams and goals.

The mega-successful THINK BIG and have BIG Dreams. People who dream don’t have limiting beliefs; they consistently daily work on their dream board and wants.   They know the end goal, and then they take steps to move forward. It might mean that they might wish to a Porsche, but the next logical step might be to buy a cheaper car, but they understand that they are moving forward towards their Porsche, they have the type, style, colour, price and accessories.  They take steps that are logical thinking and moving forward. It may change over time, which provides more opportunities and desires, and this is ok.

Have high expectations.

If you aspire to the utmost success in your life, you can’t limit yourself especially if your aim is to have a healthy success mindset on the side.  Mega-successful people have high expectations and challenge themselves to think bigger and think ahead.  They focus only on the things that matter and eliminate causes of stress and make decisions fast.  If you possess an exponential mindset and have high expectations for yourself, work smart, and have persistence, success will follow.

Fully committed and take ACTION.

Successful people have the attitude of deciding to succeed. That’s it period.  They are fully committed to success and take action steps to move toward their dreams. They are passionate, motivated and once that decision is made to embark on their journey, people with a healthy success mindset will not back out regardless of times of uncertainty. They take calculated risks when needed. Successful people work smart and strategically plan each move and take responsibility for their actions and results at all times.  They commit to success and freedom and channel their energy as required.

Live A Life with Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the ability to live a life that you want without the need to work or be dependent on others.

For me, I found that being around like-minded people to network with and learning strategies that the successful follow has been the most powerful and best decision in my life. Learning, copying and having those networks is priceless and has given me a clear focus on moving forward quicker and more efficiently. I got this from joining GIN – the Global Information Network over five years ago.

This club could be your next logical step to your success.