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While business trips are fun, you must take all the necessary precautions when traveling. Here are a few tips to keep you safe when meeting with business associates from other parts of the globe.

Tips to Keep Your Business Trips Safe

1. Look for the taxi stand.

Most airports allow easy access to cabs through a designated taxi stand for travelers. If you plan to take a cab to get to your hotel, find a taxi stand and get a cab from there. Most cabs which don’t take passengers off from a taxi stand are gypsy drivers who charge a lot more than the usual fare. Sometimes, thieves also pretend as taxi drivers who end up pick-pocketing their passengers.

2. Keep your room number a secret.

Be discrete about your room number. Don’t disclose it to anyone or only inform family members about it. It helps prevent someone from going to the front desk and requesting a key to your room. Also, this prevents anyone to charge under your name.

3. Double check the peephole on your door.

Prominent hotels have peepholes in the door. However, on rare occasions, these peepholes are installed inversely, allowing guests to see through your room. The moment you enter your room, check this and don’t hesitate to request a room transfer if it doesn’t work right. Whether you are expecting a guest or not, make it a habit to look through the peephole first before opening the door entirely.

4. Store emergency numbers in your phone.

Keep your contact list updated with phone numbers of authorities to call in case of emergency. Keep your mobile phone fully charged so you can quickly contact someone for help.

5. Don’t post on social media.

You may be thrilled to post photos about your travel and tell your friends about how much fun you’re having, but we suggest that you wait until you get home to do this. Intruders are using social media to gather as much information about their target, and you wouldn’t want them to access details about your location or contact information.

6. Use the Do Not Disturb sign.

Hang the DND sign even when you’re out of your hotel room. It gives an impression that someone is inside the room and that intruders may hesitate to break in.

A group of business people talking outside the office

Business trips are great especially when you meet like-minded people. However, keeping your business trips safe is an important part of your journey.

7. Be careful when befriending someone.

Although one of the best things you can get out of travel is making new friends, it is still important to always be on guard. Don’t disclose too much personal information, or don’t trust anyone too easily.

8. Don’t drink too much alcohol.

Better yet, don’t drink at all. Be cautious about acquaintances offering you a drink as this may contain substances that may induce you to sleep and compromise your security.

Staying Safe on Your Business Trip

While other people might think that being too cautious is too much, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Successful business trips are great, but these trips require you to do well with your business transactions. You will also have to take care of yourself and keep yourself out of danger.