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Now if you find niche narrowing a difficult task, you might find this piece of information very, very handy. There are only 3 Mega Niches that you should worry yourself with, and these are:

  1. The Business and Money Niches
  2. The Dating and Relationships Niches
  3. The Health and Fitness Niches

Without a doubt, you will find all big hits Information Products under this mega niches. So if you’re looking where to start and what to start, then these three are the place where you should go.

Nevertheless, you might still find these niches too broad for consideration. But say, for example, you’re interested in helping people achieve financial stability. Instead of making your niche stay as is, you can give your focus on “Staying Debt-Free.”

Or if you’re more inclined to work on the dating niche, focusing on the smaller niche like “Dating Men” would be better than just dating per se.

The Cheat Sheet of Successful Information Product Niche

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There are plenty of niches that you can find for your online Information Product business online. Admit it or not, only a few of these niches are “winners” – or those with a high probability of giving an income. If you think about your niche sticking around the 3 Mega Niches, then it wouldn’t be too hard to find success for you.

However, if you want to hit the bull’s eye of success and spend your time right, here are the ‘gold mines’ that you can find within those Mega Niches that you have learned before now.

Take note: the following niches are all proven to be ‘winners’ in their field. However, the level of success that you might find on each one would depend on your efforts as a marketer. It is also better if you are working hands-on in your chosen market niche. It allows you to know the ins and outs of how things happen.

And if you’re ready, here they are:

Niche for Business and Money

Business startups

There are plenty of people out there who want to start a business. The thing is they do not know-how. If you can tell them exactly how to start a business without breaking a sweat or make things easier for them, they would be the best niche for you.


You already got a glimpse of it from one of our earlier examples. A lot of people are neck-deep in debt, and more are getting there as days pass by them. Make a niche where people can find solutions on how to be debt-free and your niche would no doubt become very successful for you.

Foreign exchange

FOREX nowadays has become famous thanks to its being high risk. In just a matter of seconds, people either win a lot or lose a lot. It’s the thrill and challenge that makes many people get involved with it. Given that it can be easily accessed with an Internet connection and computer also made it accessible so fast.

Getting a job

On average, a person can have a dozen jobs or more after they finish college. It is because career changes happen, especially before most people reach the age of 38. You can set up an Information Product that tells them how to land a job even for the first time, write better resumes, or how to ace an interview.


For a lot of people, finances are a very crucial part of their living. However, not all people know how to invest. But unlike before, not everyone would want to turn to a financial advisor if they can find the information they are looking for in the web.

Making money

Nobody ever wants to pass the opportunity of making money. This niche is also one of the hottest Information Product businesses online because a lot – with the emphasis on A LOT – of people want to make legitimate money.


Most of the time, different marketing techniques are the ones that set similar businesses apart. Thus, you can set up an Information Product that tells what marketing techniques fail. Ensure your success better by teaching people how to market successfully.

Real Estate

Amidst the ups and downs of real estate, it’s one of those winner niches in terms of Information products. Nevertheless, the Real Estate market is often multifaceted and sophisticated, making it an exciting subject. It’s also one of the reasons why most people have plenty of questions regarding this niche.


As much as investments are essential, retirement Information Products online is also becoming popular. Especially among the same ranks of people who are engaged in ventures. Why? Because retirement requires money and it’s just now that people realize it.

Time management

Nowadays, people find themselves dealing with a lot of distraction and interruptions. For entrepreneurs and business people, this is a big challenge to overcome. Poor time management leads to poor performance and productivity issues.

Niche for Dating, Parenting, and Relationships

Body language

While this category falls under relationship, it can also cross over the other two mega niches. It is because body language speaks a lot of things for a person and is very useful to know whether in business or matters of health.


There is a conflict to be found in every kind of relationship. There are plenty of people out there who wants help from it. You can build a successful niche from this one when you help people to find the right footing to solve their conflicts or help alleviate it.


This category is very hot on winner niches all because there are plenty of people out there who are curious enough to know how to get a date, survive the first date, and make every dating relationship successful.


Among all types of relationship conflicts, divorce is perhaps the ultimate end. You can focus on divorce laws to help people who are going through a divorce.


This category is somewhat a sub-niche of parenting. Most of the time, it would be teachers and parents – not kids – who would patronize this type of Information Product. It is because the adults are more curious as to how their kids can learn better and what they can do to make learning fun for them.


The ultimate goal of every relationship ends up in marriage. It’s also one of those categories that is special, complex, and with a lot of people who want to know more. If you want this to be your niche, you can focus on giving advice on how to be a good spouse. You may also give tips on how to have a successful marriage, and any other ideas you might have.


Becoming a parent – especially those who are not 100% ready – can be considered as the most sophisticated ‘career’ change that one person can have. Kids of all ages behave differently. Parents are always eager to understand why their teens do what they do. The thing is, not all parents know how it is to be a parent to their kids and if you’re a perfect parent who has some good advice to share; this niche would be for you.


Since the next step to dating is a steady relationship, people would like to know more how to make their relationships work and last. There are plenty of things you’d need to make the link work though, and you may choose one or several things to focus on like partnering and teamwork skills, communication, or making the passion stay strong.


Sex is a common topic in most Information Product business online since it evokes strong feelings like love, anxiety, jealousy, fear, guilt, and shame, to name a few. You could focus on personal sexuality to how other cultures view sex. Or if you want to keep a hotter topic, you could always focus on providing information about a fulfilling sex life among partners.

Niche for Health and Fitness

Fat loss

This niche and weight loss are closely related. However, fat loss focuses on targeting body fats like belly fats and cellulite and how to remove them successfully.

Holistic wellness

This category is where you would find “prevention” information of all kinds. That is, you can use this niche to help people make their bodies healthy and going. It’s also the category to go to if you want to share your ideas on how to make yourself feel happy, motivated, and inspired.

Low-impact exercise

Exercise has plenty of benefits, but not all people are up for ‘heavy-duty’ activity, especially those who suffer from health hazards. The solution for this is the rise of the low-impact exercises that teach people forms of exercises that are low-impact, so they do not have to worry about the health risk.

Muscle building

While some people want to lose weight, others want to tone or gain muscles. If you’re into bodybuilding and toning the body to make it lean and firm, then this is the niche to go.

Natural healing

Alternative healing, also called natural healing or natural/alternative medicine, is getting a fast momentum. It allows people to heal without the need for prescriptions or surgeries.

Organic food

Once the truth about genetically modified or GMO foods was revealed, people are now turning to choose organic food. Given that this is a broad and exciting topic, you can focus on teaching people the benefits of organic food. You may also give tips on how to prepare organic food best and where to get them.

Raw food

Thanks to health enthusiasts, unprocessed foods are getting the hype once more as the healthier variety compared to cooked food. There are plenty of topics to focus on raw food like their many benefits to keep a person healthy or as part of a beauty regimen.

Specific health problems

If you happen to be in the medical field, focusing on particular health problems, especially those which are confusing to people can become your niche. It can be very challenging to tackle, though since you have to be very motivated to continue with your Information Product. You also have to be accurate with your information, especially if your niche is about a severe medical problem.


Given the fast-paced environment that most people are living nowadays, it’s no wonder that a lot of people gets stressed, anxious, and depressed. Since stress affects relationships, jobs, and a person’s decision making, providing information on how to avoid stress or reduce, it would be an excellent niche option.

Weight loss

A lot of people want to lose weight, and they either want to lose it fast or the natural way. You can promote fat-burning drugs. Or provide information on how to lose weight using juices, diet changes, and any other ‘natural’ things that are for the health-conscious.

And that’s it!

Now all you have to do is pick up the right Information Product for you to create and start building your niche successfully.