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As much as branded social media content and “native advertising” has been covered lately, there is still a feeling that brands are just now getting their bearings in the social networking world. Craigwell and Perelman brought ideas on what brands should consider as they try to interact with customers on social platforms.

Let Your Audience In

In most cases, brands think about how they can push their message out to consumers, how they can execute a promotional push, or how they can increase their reach.

As per Paul Arden’s book, content marketing is all about considering the opposite. Sometimes we need to take off our marketing hats and think like the individuals we are trying to connect. In Craigwell’s world, that means considering allowing people in rather than pushing a product or advertisement.

Create Shareable Social Media Content

There is “viral” press, and then there’s “shareable” press. If you think you are working in the business of viral media, then you are in the wrong direction. By its meaning, viral media propagates itself. Media does not spread itself. Besides, you do not want your material to distribute itself. You want to motivate living humans to share the content with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Ask yourself, “Would I share this type of content to others?” Developing content with this thought in mind is a fantastic way to direct your audience towards positive, beneficial engagement rather than the viral media concept. This also makes the distinction between old-hat SEO which consists of link-building tasks and intelligent SEO which tackles more on engaging content.

Work and Play Together

BuzzFeed is one of the key players who is bringing a new era of digital media joint ventures. Content marketing is educating people and their businesses how to come together to make exciting experiences for their audience. New area may go along with new errors, but as Perelman put it, it brings with new opportunities as well. These happy relationships are so unique. There is no limit on how far brands and marketers go to interact with audiences and make the most out across platforms.

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Social Media Content Is Effective

Truth be told, social media platforms are already a part of a person’s life. With just one tweet, photo, or like, it is very easy to get the attention of people and influence them. But without effective social media content, your campaign may just go to waste. By having well researched content, you will make people become aware of your brand in no time.