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The human connection is the key factor in every sales professional’s success. Even in this digital age, most business procedures still need people skills and the human touch. If you want to be a top sales professional, think of these five characteristics that will make you stand out: 

Professionals are comfortable with silence. 

Truly confident people are comfortable in silence as much as they are adept at conversations. Top-performing salespeople can allow for considerable quiet times in discussions with leads. This provides a chance for the prospect to consider what has been said rather than having to process the next piece of information given to them by the salesperson. Being comfortable with silence exudes confidence in what you say. 

They have a strong ability to multi-task.  

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It takes a high level of multi-tasking to become an effective salesperson. In most sales situations, sales representatives are not just listening and understanding what their clients are expressing to them – they also make a habit of thinking a couple of steps ahead, anticipating how to deal with the client’s needs, while empathizing with the client, and also working out on the other points that the client may have.  Be sure that as much as you perfect multi-tasking, you also stay on task too. Make sure everything you are doing will lead you to your singular sales objective.      

They aren’t afraid of rejection. 

In the span of your career, you will inevitably encounter rejection. Excellent salespeople are not intimidated by the word “No.” In fact, they prepare themselves for rejection which leads them to persist even more. Despite the difficulty of receiving rejection, the best salespeople develop the amazing talent of putting disappointments aside and starting fresh with a positive mindset.   

They are flexible.  

There are several times when sales professionals are put on the spot. Whatever the situation may be, good sales professionals know how to adjust and make it work. They clearly understand that they are in full control of their situation and that they can achieve success even if things do not go as they originally planned or expected.       

They possess the drive to get the things they want. 

Top sales professionals are very driven and set high targets for themselves. They self-motivate and manage their calendars without having to be supervised by their superiors. They are not easily dismayed by negative situations. In fact, they use these as building blocks to help them achieve the level of success they dream about in their career.    

What do you think are other traits of a great sales professional? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.